Olympia Nonella Tresch was 15 years old when she came to this valley with her family in 1905 in a horse drawn springboard wagon with 2 holstein dairy cows tied behind it. Over 100 years later, cows are still being milked twice a day and the farm has expanded to include organic apple orchards on over 2,000 acres of land. Olympia's grandson, Joe Tresch, owns and operates the farm along with his wife, Kathy, who tends the orchards. Their three children, Joey, Lindsay, and Lydia, all work on the farm.   

A commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is literally at the root of the farm mission.

Joe and Kathy were the Sierra Club's "Environmentalists of the Year" in 1996 . They have won awards for being " Stewards of the Land",  and they have personally planted over 10,000 trees and native shrubs and plants on their 2000 acre farm. 

Olympia's Valley is located in south western Sonoma County and stretches over 2,000 acres of land ideal for agricultural events, weddings, commercials and more. The second dairy farm to go organic west of the Mississippi river, this ranch has been family owned and operated since 1905. The Tresch family raises calves that grow into the beautiful cows who produce the organic milk they provide to Straus Family Creamery. They are also proud to supply their community with fresh certified organic apples that are picked the day they are sold.

Sisters Lydia and Lindsay run Olympia's Valley with their mother, Kathy. Lydia and Lindsay love the interior design and WORKING WITH COUPLES, while Kathy's heart is with her apple orchard and landscaping of the grounds. All THREE agree that the  most rewarding part is seeing how happy the couple is on their big day and talking with them right before the night is over. LINDSAY AND LYDIA BOTH MARRIED THEIR HIGHSCHOOL SWEETHEARTS AT THE RANCH AND EACH HAVE BABY BOYS THEY BRING TO WORK EVERY DAY.